Graduate Entry 2012-13
Course leader
Professor Paola Piccini
Regulatory systems

Neuroscience and mental health

Study guide [Word]  

PowerPoint presentations, unless otherwise indicated:

Tues 16 April

Introduction to the central nervous system - Professor Steve Gentleman

Wed 17 April Organization of brainstem and cranial nerves - Professor Steve Gentleman
Tues 23 April

Anatomy of blood flow in CNS and consequences of disruption - Dr Paul Bentley

Cells of the nervous system - Dr Federico Roncaroli
Wed 24 April Development of the nervous system - Dr Maggie Lowrie
Thurs 25 April Neurotransmitters in the brain [pdf] - Professor Jackie de Belleroche
Cortical control of motor function - Professor Paola Piccini
Fri 26 April Stroke: case histories - Dr Ben Simpson 
Tues 30 April Neuromuscular and spinal cord control of movements - Dr Paul Strutton

Disorders of balance: dizziness and vertigo [pdf] - Professor Adolfo Bronstein

Thurs 2 May Somatosensory system and spinal cord in 6 cases - Dr Ben Simpson
Basal ganglia and cerebellum - Dr Marios Politis
Control of movement tutorial notes [Word] + case notes [Word - Dr Marios Politis
Fri 3 May The eye: structure and function - Dr Merrick Moseley
Wed 8 May Hearing - Dr Maggie Lowrie
Somatosensory system: pathways, sensory loss and nociception [pdf] - Professor Praveen Anand
Fri 10 May Peripheral nerve disorders - Dr Jane Pritchard
Visual system: pathways and function + pdf version - Dr Paresh Malhotra, Dr Korina Li
Dementia [pdf] - Professor David Brooks
Tues 14 May

Neuroinflammation of the CNS [pdf] - Dr Paolo Muraro

Ocular movements [pdf] - Professor Adolfo Bronstein
Wed 15 May Clinical perspectives on sleep - Dr Louise Paterson
Pathophysiology of headaches - Dr Flavia Niccolini
Fri 17 May Epilepsy - Dr Michael Johnson
Tues 21 May Introduction to cognitive functions and cognitive neurology - Professor Richard Wise

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