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This year application for Academic programmes is being done at the same time as application for Standard programmes. You do not have to apply for an Academic programme but we would strongly encourage you to do so if you have an interest in research.

UKFPO Applicant’s Guide
As a starter all students applying for Foundation Programmes should download this guide, save it on your desktop or print a copy and READ IT. You will be referring to this a lot over the next few months. 90% of questions students ask the FEO can be answered by reading this guide.

On the same page are four useful videos starring Imperial’s very own Omair Shariq which I suggest you take the time to watch.

You should also register for e-updates for official news and updates on the Foundation Programme sent straight to your inbox.

Recruitment Timeline

The full timeline is in the Applicants’ Guide but essential dates you must put in your diaries now are:

1-5 October:

Students Register on Foundation Programme Application System (FPAS)
  • The FEO will nominate all Imperial students eligible to apply for entry to Foundation Schools in August 2013.
  • Registration details will be sent to students around mid-September 2012.
8-19 October: Students complete the online application for standard (and academic Foundation programmes if you wish)
7 December: All Imperial students sit the SJT (you cannot sit it on 7 January)
8 March: Students find out which Foundation School they have been allocated to

Preparation for Applying
Dr Lightstone, Director of NW Thames Foundation School, will be giving two talks on the application process for both standard and academic Foundation programmes. These talks will cover how you apply, what information will be required of you, and what evidence you might need to upload. She will discuss the scoring process, the SJT, and the Educational Performance Measure (EMP).

The next talk will be in the Drewe Lecture Theatre at Charing Cross on Friday 5 October at 11 am.

You only need attend one as they will be identical but you are welcome to attend both if you wish. They will be recorded and put on the intranet for those who cannot attend either. Please note: These briefings are for Imperial students only, ID cards will be checked at the door.

Recording of the FPAS briefing given on 14 September.

Students can also refer to the Quack guide for Foundation Schools information.

This year the UKFPO has asked all Medical Schools to rank their students applying for Foundation and put them into deciles. Decile 1 gives 43 marks and decile 10 gives 34 marks.  An email explaining about deciles has been sent to all Final Year students but to recap, the Ranking Formula as agreed with the FEO and the ICSM Student Union is:
Year 3 EMQ – 20%
Year 3 OSCE – 20%
Year 5 Path – 16%
Year 5 PACES – 22%
Year 5 Written Paper – 22%

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) has replaced the white space questions as part of the application process for the Foundation Programme 2013.
Following feedback from medical students, the UKFPO, in conjunction with the Medical Schools Council, has developed an online interactive SJT practice paper to help you prepare for the SJT.
The practice paper provides a shortened version of the SJT (30 questions in 1 hour as opposed to 70 questions in 2 hours 20 minutes) along with the answers and rationales. It gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the format and style of questions that will be asked, before taking the test on 7 December.
The practice SJT paper is available via the UKFPO website We strongly suggest that you all do this test to help with your preparation for application for Foundation.  As always, if you have any queries please email FEO-NWTFS at St Mary’s.

SJT preparation [ppt] - presentation given on Saturday 1 December

Imperial has elected to hold our SJT exam on Friday 7 December at 2 pm. (Other Medical Schools may hold theirs on 7 January but all Imperial students will sit the SJT on 7 December.) Standard exam conditions will be in place and all students are required to attend. The exam will last 2 hours 20 minutes and you will have 70 questions to answer. Professor Meeran has already sent you a practice SJT paper and another will be available on the UKFPO website shortly.

If you already have special exams arrangements (e.g. extra time, coloured papers etc.) in place from previous years which the FEO Examinations Team are already aware of, the current information from the Medical Schools Council is that these will still stand for the SJT and you do not need to reconfirm them.  The Examinations Team in the FEO will arrange these for you as normal. If you feel you need to apply for special exam arrangements not already in place please contact Dr Mike Schachter to make an appointment to discuss by 7 September.

Special circumstances
Students can apply for pre-allocation to a Foundation School on the following grounds:

  • Parent
  • Primary carer
  • Medical condition requiring local treatment

Full details

Please note that the School you are allocated to depends on your home postcode so if you live in NE London and meet one of the three criteria then you will be pre-allocated to NE Thames Foundation School not NW Thames.
The deadline for application is 14 December 2012. If you wish to discuss your situation and find out whether you might be eligible for special circumstances please email Philippa Shallard, Manager FEO at St Mary’s and NW Thames FS. Applications should be hand delivered or posted to Philippa Shallard, G64.

Information for students not entering UK Foundation Programmes directly after graduation [Word]

Foundation School destinations[pdf] - details the Foundation School destination of Imperial graduates entering in 2011 and 2012.

Information for students not entering UK Foundation Programmes directly after graduation [Word]

Transfer of Information (ToI): All Imperial Final Year students entering Foundation Training in 2013 are required to complete and submit a ToI form

GMC Provisional Registration - Please note that it is a requirement for all those entering Foundation Training that they hold GMC provisional registration.

Graduates are entitled to provisional registration with the GMC with a licence to practise, subject to demonstrating to the GMC that their fitness to practise is not impaired.

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