Safety policy [Word] updated August 2012 and Code of practice [Word] updated August 2012

What to do in the event of an injury
To assist you further, a series of flowcharts have been produced to highlight necessary action in the event of injuries:

Incident reporting online

Good laboratory practice
Guidelines on safety in the biomedical laboratory [Word] - as issued for BSc courses

See also Guidelines on participation as a subject in a research project

Risk Assessments for Class practicals
Session supervisors are required to complete a Risk Assessment for their Practicals - download the template [Word] and provide all necessary health and safety-related information in the session course material issued to students - documents should be returned to Dr Mike Barrett (Head of Learning Resources) and copied to the local campus Health and Safety Managers for the site on which the practical will run (SAFB - Helga Koch; Charing Cross - Sukwinder Singh; Hammersmith - Sally Campbell; St Mary's - Tracey Norris

Campus-specific Safety Information including fire protection
Each FoM campus has campus and building specific safety information including information in the event of a fire or call for emergency evacuation.

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